Memorials may be purchased and designed in house through Saint Mary’s Cemetery of Winona. We offer competitively priced and customized Catholic memorials. If you are interested in purchasing a memorial from Saint Mary’s Cemetery of Winona, you can rest assured that your memorial will be designed to last for generations. We hope that we bring peace of mind knowing our staff does not receive commission on any sales. All proceeds help in the support of beautifying and caring for the cemetery.

Monument and marker sales are led by our Superintendent, Julie Koehler. She will discuss all of your different options including designs, lettering, colors, and etc. that will reflect your personal choices. If you have a certain design in mind, she can make your vision into your own personal memorial.

The staff is here to help you through the process of picking out your memorial and making sure it is a refection of your personal aspirations. Please call today to schedule an appointment to go over your options. ​

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