Catholic Monument Restoration

Memorials are a cherished, lasting reminder of beloved individuals. Over time, exposure to the elements can deteriorate and mar existing monuments and plaques. The effects of these factors can be reversed.  Call for restoration or cleaning that goes beyond the scope of routine maintenance.

Saint Mary’s Cemetery of Winona has been committed, for many decades, to the preserving and rehabilitating of your family’s memorials. We can personally guide you through the restoration options and assist you in returning your memorial to peak condition for the benefit of future generations.

The site of weathered, unreadable grave markers found across most cemeteries is common. A grave maker so covered in mold and other destructive elements is a sad site indeed. A memorial is, after all, a significant historical record. It is important to maintain the full impact of the monument that celebrates the life of your loved one. Cleanings preserve the integrity and design of the stone and guard against deterioration and the effects of pollution.

Monument Restoration and additional Services

  • Memorial Cleaning
  • Memorial Foundation Replacement
  • Resealing Memorial
  • Attach Emblems and vases to Memorial
  • Sales of New Memorials

Please call today to review your options available. 

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