Monument Mounting

Depending on your lot location, Memorial Monuments are placed either at the head or the foot of a grave. You may choose from a variety of colors and sizes. The size will depend on how many graves are owned as well as the location of the grave. Only one memorial may be placed on a grave. Information commonly found on memorials includes names, dates of birth and death, marriage date and children’s names. Designs may include carvings, inscriptions and emblems. Monuments, markers or bronze memorials are placed on a concrete or granite foundation.

We invite you to work together with our experienced staff to help you create a meaningful memorial for your loved one. Call or email us with your thoughts and we will provide you with a complete estimate of the costs.

Memorial Types

  • Upright monuments are above-ground granite memorials.
  • Slant monuments are wedge above-ground granite markers.
  • Bevel memorials are above ground granite markers.
  • Flat memorials are in ground granite markers.
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